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The our company has launched a project on development of the territory perimeterin Kingisepp currently.Construction of residential complex "Yamburg" will be an attractive area for residents of the city,it is a located   at the intersection of Vostochnaja and Vorovskogo streets. In the northwest area is adjacent to woodedrecreational area, the north-eastern part of the street is limited.

Eastern, south-west area borders with driveways, and from the south-east - with the zone covered garage.The residential complex will be presented nine-story  modern buildings, designed developeda group of experienced architects and designers in the style of Hi tech, using cast-frameconstruction technology, with a focus on functionality, usability architectural solutions, allowingmaximum use of living space, and the use of modern building materials, which facilitate the design, at the same time offers high thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire

The project is a residential complex "Yamburg" consists of three three-section and four-section of the building perimeter, and one one-piece building in the center.This type of  location will allow you to conveniently organize territory: place inside the courtyard area for relax, play and sports area will be  separating from the  roads; provide security for children to play and exercise. And economic grounds , with deep containers for garbage collection, and guest parking lots are provided at the borders with the road network of the street.The complex is on 50,000 square meters of residential development with built-in commercial premises.This is one of the largest construction projects in the city Kingisepp.Construction company offers a choice of 740 one, two, three and four bedroom apartments,and as well as  studio apartments.

Architects offer several options for planning, the possibility of combining apartments with each other, and the ability to decorate the apartment to order.9th and 10th floors of the planned construction of four luxury duplex penthouses.Unusual contrast with the natural landscape will be the external design houses, curtain walls of ceramic-granitewill be made in white and blue tones and decorated with popular finish of metal and glass.The project will not only decorate the facade house, it residents will appreciate the big windows and the ability to have a glazed balconies .On the ground floor will be located service infrastructure, shops, a pharmacy, a fitness center, bank, beauty salons.The residential complex project involves two entry.One of them in  the northern part of the territory, and the second is scheduled to enter the southern part of the area, and would connect to driveways.

The territory is in the perimeter will be fenced.The advantages of the residential complex "Yamburg" could be its location near the city center, convenient access to highways leading to Ust-Luga and St. Petersburg, secure gaming and playgroundssaving technologies complex life support, the use of modern building materials to reduce the cost of apartments and improve their quality.

Characteristics of the object
Area : 50 000 m
Total floors : 10
Built year : 2014


An eternal question – “How to receive a high quality service and not to overpay herewith?” – and how topical it gets, when it is about repairing and even more – about construction. One wants to be sure that the constructed building will meet all the needs, will be reliable, safe and comfortable, and, in case this is residential house, cozy.


If earlier people with such abilities constructed palaces and fortresses, modern aristocrats mostly think about private residences on lake shores and apartments in the historic center of the city.

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